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What County Officials and Doxpop Customers are Saying...

I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate having the Doxpop service and how much it helps me here. Because I am not located in the county seat, Doxpop provides me an invaluable service by allowing my office to go online to check service and the status of pending cases. I am sure this saves the clerk's office and court employees a great deal of time because we now don't have to bother them to obtain these updates. Only a few surrounding counties have Doxpop, but I wish they all did since I practice all over Northern Indiana. I am a believer in Doxpop and am happy to let you know that.
Mark E Wagner, Attorney at Law
Kizer & Neu
Bremen, IN

I'm your biggest fan! First, I'd say that my primary business is reporting on the courts. So Doxpop is absolutely invaluable. It has on many occasions allowed me to get instant notification of developments in a case that we are covering. As a small news department, it is the only consistent way to cover the courts. We don't have the time nor the resources to go to the courts to check the docket every day, so this is a way we can do it.

Were it not for Doxpop, we would not have the information as quickly nor as accurately. It also allows us to plan ahead for hearings we should attend. As a research tool, it's an invaluable resource to determine past criminal hearings on a particular person.  

My favorite feature is actually a new one. The advanced search now allows me to narrow a search to filings for the current day. That allows me to see what's come in on a daily basis, so I can catch what's new and significant.  

I am thrilled whenever a new county comes online. My job becomes so much easier when that happens. Doxpop allows me to anticipate what's coming up, verify formal charges when they're filed, and make certain that I know what's going on in a case.

Charles Carney, WTIU-TV
Bloomington, IN
Doxpop has been very useful for the public and professionals who need to view court information. Not only does it give our customers the information they need 24 hours a day at their home or business but it has also reduced the labor for my office staff. Our phone calls concerning service of court papers have decreased dramatically since we have started using Doxpop. I have heard from attorneys who have found the features of Doxpop very useful in meeting the needs of their clients through e-mail notification and court scheduling. Title searchers, members of the media and even employment agencies use Doxpop to fulfill their need for court information. The personnel at Doxpop are very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend Doxpop to my fellow clerks, professionals and the public who need to look up court information.
Jeff Dossett, Clerk
Montgomery County, IN
Before Doxpop most of my day was spent at the Courthouse. My job was to pick up the new filings, judgments, tax warrants, fee bills, etc. and to check the status of cases for our judgment searchers. Now with Doxpop I am at the courthouse maybe 2 hours a week, instead of 5 hours a day. Thanks to Doxpop I've been able to be more productive at the office. I use Doxpop everyday! It's there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don't have to wait for the courthouse to open to get the status of court cases. Rush orders are no problem. I use the case search field most of the time whereas my fellow co-workers use the person search field. Either way we get the information we need. The staff at Doxpop is very friendly and helpful. Any questions I have are answered in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Doxpop to anyone that has business with a courthouse. Doxpop is truly court records at your fingertips!
Charlotte Stewart, Hendrich Title Company
Terre Haute, IN
Local attorneys have told me this service is the best thing we have ever done for them. It helps them with the management of their case load and calendars and saves them needless calls to check out the status of cases. I know of no reason you would ever regret partnering with Doxpop. It will help everyone in the long run.
Jim Fielder, Clerk of Circuit Court
Monroe County, Indiana
Doxpop has been the best thing created in the nine years I have worked in law firms. Not only do I have the court's entries at my fingertips, it frees up the numerous calls that used to be made to the court reporters on a daily basis. Over the years, there have been occasions when hearing dates somehow did not get on our calendar, but the emails I receive from Doxpop as hearing dates are scheduled as well as having the ability to check daily to see if hearings have been added for each attorney, have totally eliminated that problem. I cannot imagine not having Doxpop in our firm.
Shauna J. Williams, Paralegal
Chapman & Nelson, PC
Bloomington, IN
Having Doxpop makes my practice more efficient. It is a convenient way to track the case from my desk and learn when I obtained service of process on a defendant, or, if I have a defendant, when he was served. I use it most days. It is also a good way to check on people who are in the court system. Sometimes I learn a lot by just plugging in a name and seeing what pops up. Also, it is a good way to review your calendar of events.
Jere Humphrey, Attorney at Law
Kizer & Neu
Plymouth, IN
Doxpop is an easy website to use and is people friendly. The information provided is accurate and succinct. As a result, this allows me to process records in an efficient and timely manner.
Lee Du
I have received very favorable feedback from all involved since we went online with Doxpop. There was some initial resistance because of the access fee. However, after the capability of the Doxpop system was demonstrated, most of this resistance subsided. Saving even one or two trips to the couthouse would more than pay for the monthly fee. In reality, the investment is insignificant considering the time savings.
Terry T Tribby,
Information Systems Manager of Howard County
Kokomo, IN
I must say that the service has worked its way into my practice quite nicely. We probably access it at least 10 times a day, often more. It has become a 'mission critical' application for us.
E. Thomas Kemp, Attorney at Law
Richmond, IN
This service has become invaluable in that it allows us to check on court cases in a more timely fashion. Time often does not permit us to physically go to the courthouse to check court records for new information every single day. This service allows us to take five or ten minutes, check out the new information on old and new cases, and schedule our day accordingly. This service is a convenience for us and has made our hectic job easier in so many ways.
Jennifer Ochstein
Marshall County Government Reporter
South Bend Tribune