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Welcome to Doxpop E-Filing

Over 914,880 filings submitted in 85 Indiana counties, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Tax Court.

Doxpop provides e-filing services backed by a friendly support team focused solely on Indiana. There is no charge for e-filing through Doxpop if you are subscribed at the 20-search level or above.

If you are already an e-filing user, proceed to the action links below.

If you are new to e-filing, email or call 866-369-7671 to get started now.

Training is available at no cost. In most cases, we'll come to your office, but if long travel times are involved we may opt for remote training. If you want to get started learning how to file on your own, our training resources are here and self-help resources are here.

Welcome (), to the e-filing system.

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  • If you (or your firm) have not set up an account with the Indiana State Electronic Filing System, you will need to register as one of the following:
    • Firm Account - Use this if you are an attorney or part of a law firm.
    • Individual/Pro Se Account - Use this if you are not an attorney or part of a law firm.
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    • Please contact your firm's account administrator to be added as a user.
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View and review bulk e-filings assigned to my account.

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Initiate a new case using the e-filing system. Court filing fees may apply.

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List recently filed cases and documents.

As an administrator, you can administer users, attorneys, service contacts, payment accounts, and general information about your e-filing account.

Generate a report detailing the fees for filings that your firm has made.

You can change your password, security information, auto-login setting, and general information about you as an e-filing user.

If you have forgotten your e-filing password, you can reset it with this link.

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Log out of the e-filing service but remain logged in as a Doxpop user.

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