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Doxpop Pricing Plan Recommendations
Cost Searches per month Plan Level
FREE 6 Doxpop's Informed Citizen Account is designed to help individuals who need to look up their own information or are curious about a few cases or documents. Although limited to 6 searches in subsequent months, we'll start you off with 20 searches in your first month to give you room to explore.
$30 20 Our Entry-Level Business Account is great for low-volume users in a professional setting.
$54 60 The Solo Practice Account is just right for attorneys with small practices or freelance title researchers.
$96 200 The Small Firm Account meets the needs of law firms with more than one attorney or a county-based title research firm (typically 2-5 users).

Doxpop also offers deeper per-search discounts for larger law firms, background-check agencies, and others who require a high volume of data. At the high end, search costs can drop to as low as one penny per search. Give us a call at 866-369-7671 to discuss your needs if you think a high-volume plan fits your business needs.