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I'm your biggest fan!  First, I'd say that my primary business is reporting on the courts.  So Doxpop is absolutely invaluable. It has on many occasions allowed me to get instant notification of developments in a case that we are covering. As a small news department, it is the only consistent way to cover the courts.  We don't have the time nor the resources to go to the courts to check the docket every day, so this is a way we can do it.

Were it not for Doxpop, we would not have the information as quickly nor as accurately. It also allows us to plan ahead for hearings we should attend. As a research tool, it's an invaluable resource to determine past criminal hearings on a particular person.

. . .

I am thrilled whenever a new county comes online. My job becomes so much easier when that happens. Doxpop allows me to anticipate what's coming up, verify formal charges when they're filed, and make certain that I know what's going on in a case.

Charles Carney, WTIU-TV
Bloomington, IN
Doxpop is an easy website to use and is people friendly.  The information provided is accurate and succinct. As a result, this allows me to process records in an efficient and timely manner.
Lee Du
Before Doxpop most of my day was spent at the Courthouse. My job was to pick up the new filings, judgments, tax warrants, fee bills, etc. and to check the status of cases for our judgment searchers. Now with Doxpop I am at the courthouse maybe 2 hours a week, instead of 5 hours a day. Thanks to Doxpop I've been able to be more productive at the office. I use Doxpop everyday! It's there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I don't have to wait for the courthouse to open to get the status of court cases. Rush orders are no problem. I use the case search field most of the time whereas my fellow co-workers use the person search field. Either way we get the information we need. The staff at Doxpop is very friendly and helpful. Any questions I have are answered in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Doxpop to anyone that has business with a courthouse. Doxpop is truly court records at your fingertips!
Charlotte Stewart
Hendrich Title Company
Terre Haute, IN
This service has become invaluable in that it allows us to check on court cases in a more timely fashion. Time often does not permit us to physically go to the courthouse to check court records for new information every single day. This service allows us to take five or ten minutes, check out the new information on old and new cases, and schedule our day accordingly. This service is a convenience for us and has made our hectic job easier in so many ways.
Jennifer Ochstein
Marshall County Government Reporter
South Bend Tribune

Doxpop - Public Records at Your Fingertips

Many diverse groups benefit from Doxpop, including:

General Public
Sign up for a free trial account to confirm if you are involved in any open cases. Use our special features to get notified when a new case is filed or an existing case is updated about you or someone you care about.
Track cases in multiple counties without leaving your office.
Title Companies
Receive information about filings and tax warrants without sending a researcher to the court house or to the next county.
Bail Bondsmen
Look up court schedules to make sure both you and your clients know when they must appear. Check for prior cases and evaluate your risk at any hour of the day or night.
Landlords and Real Estate Investors
Get notices when foreclosures are initiated in your area. Quickly check the court record of potential lessees.