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Main -> E-Filing -> E-Filing Account Administration -> addingadditionaladmins

Adding Administrators To Your E-Filing Account

To apply administrative privileges to a user, please follow these steps:

Move your mouse to the lower left of the video below to pause and access other controls:

  • After logging into Doxpop and logging into e-filing with your credentials; find and click the "E-Filing Account Administration" link.
  • Next click on the user's name. (Here we selected "Second User".)
  • When you click on an active user (with a black shield and checkmark), the following box will be presented:
  • Now you can make your user a Co-Administrator by checking the Admin box and click the green [Save User Info] button.
  • There will be a confirmation message in green letting you know the changes have been saved.
  • Last updated on 12/18/2018