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What does Doxpop's service provide?

Subscribers to Doxpop have access to over 28 million current and historical cases from 413 Courts in 92 Indiana Counties. In addition, our Recorded Document database provides access to over 17 million recorded documents in 42 counties. Doxpop allows for targeted searching of all records.

In addition to research tools, Doxpop also provides watch services and case alerts which will notify a subscriber when events occur or new information has been added for particular cases of interest.

Subscribers may opt to receive notification when any new hearings are scheduled for cases of interest and may view a personal calendar on-line with links to case information for each hearing.

We maintain information on all case types with the exception of confidential cases such as mental health, juvenile, and adoptions. To the extent that disposition information is entered on the county systems on the Doxpop network, we make it available to our subscribers.

Our data mirrors the information that would be available to a researcher working at a public access terminal in the courthouse.

Last updated on 5/25/2018