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What time zone does Doxpop use?

Doxpop operates in a number of different time zones in Indiana. This page will cover what you need to know with respect to dates and times on the Doxpop site or in calendar data that you download from Doxpop.

Doxpop stores all dates and times associated with court or recorder data in "local time" according to that governmental entity. Whenever a time is displayed on a Doxpop page, it is always shown with the appropriate suffix for that court or recorder (e.g. EST, EDT, CST, CDT).

For events that are synced to your calendaring software (iCal, Google Calendar) we send them using a neutral time zone called UTC ( and let the user's software display it in whatever time zone the user has specified.

The handling of time zones and daylight saving time in Indiana has a long and interesting history ( In April of 2006, Indiana switched a long-standing policy and joined the majority of other states in observation of daylight saving time. In addition to this change, the United States legislature has extended daylight saving time for the entire United States from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November.

Last updated on 5/15/2018