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  • Indiana
  • Michigan
Main -> Court -> SimpleSearch

Search by name or case number

From the Doxpop Welcome page or the Court Cases tab:

  • Search by Party Name:
  • Go to the "Search Court Records" box on the right side of the screen. In the area labeled "Search by Party Name", type the last name followed by a comma, a space, and the first few letters of the first name. For example, typing in Smith, Jo would find all Smiths whose first names began with "Jo".

    The wildcard (%) is no longer needed to locate titles such as Jr., Sr., III, etc. or names with spaces (Mc Carty) and apostrophes (O'Brien).

  • Search by Case Number:
  • Go to the "Search Court Records" box on the right side of the screen, in the area labeled "Search by Case ID," type the case number (or at least the first 7 characters).

    If you are searching by a partial case number, make sure to include a wildcard(%) at the end of the case number.

    Doxpop does not require dashes (-) or spaces when searching for a case number.

    Note: Case numbers in Indiana can be broken down to several informational elements. For example - the case number 38-C01-9103-IF-00012 refers to Jay County (38), Circuit Court 1 (C01), year 1991 (91), March (03), case type of infraction (IF), and it was the 12th (00012) infraction of that year.

    To search using different parameters, try an advanced search for a court case.

    Last updated on 2/19/2019