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The Search Counter in depth

For such a small box, the Search Counter contains a lot of information. It is faithfully keeping track of your searches -- and much more.

The search counter always has two numbers in it, separated by a /. The first number is the number of searches you have made. The second number is the number of searches included in your plan. So, at the beginning of a new billing period under the 20-search plan, your search counter will look like this:

As you make searches, the first number will increase. For example, after you have made 14 searches, the search counter will look like this:

The counter begins to fill with shading as searches are made, and the amount of the box that is shaded is proportional to the number of searches made. The area of the box that remains white is proportional to the number of searches remaining in the current plan.

At any time, you can click on the search counter to get more details about your searches. Clicking on the counter will reveal the Search Count Summary. Here is an example summary page for the search counter above:

Notice that billing codes have been enabled for this user.

If you conduct more searches than currently provided by your plan, the search counter will change. You will first be warned by Doxpop that you have already used all searches covered by your plan (in this case, 20). Then as you continue to make searches, a second box, joined to the first, will start to fill in as well. The search counter now looks like this:

The first box is filled completely with colored shading, showing that all 20 searches have been used. This user has made four additional searches, as showed by the second box. Once the second box fills in completely, the user has reached the upgrade point. It will make sense financially for this user to change service plans to the next level. In this case, this happens at 28 searches:

Even if this user chooses to make only one more search during the current billing period, it makes sense to upgrade to a new plan. This can be done by following prompts after an automatic warning from Doxpop, or by going to "Upgrade Service Plan" in the "Account Maintenence" section of "My Doxpop". The Search Counter now looks like this with the added searches:

(see all possible plans).

Last updated on 3/31/2017