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Main -> Recorded Documents -> Saved Documents

Saving and Setting an Alert on a Recorded Document

After you have searched and found a document of interest:

  • You can save that document in your "My Saved Documents" folder.
    - Saving the document saves you from unnecessary searching.
    - Visiting a saved document will not cost you a search!
  • You can set an alert on a document you found.
    - This way anytime a document gets updated by the Recorder or Register of Deeds, we will send you an email to notify you!
    - You won't have to keep logging in periodically to check for updates.

  • Alerts
    - If a change happens on a document with an alert set then an email will be sent to your user's email address.
    - This can be helpful in case you are waiting for a document's image to become available.
    - This is helpful if you are waiting on a cross referenced document to be posted (such as a release.)

    Saved Documents (Indexed Data)
    (only) - These can be found in the "My Saved Documents" file on the "my doxpop" account page.
    This can be helpful in economizing your searching. When you go back to view your saved document, you will not be charged a search.

  • To set an alert on a Recorded Document just click the located to the far right of the search results or the Document Details page.
    - The Document will be available in your My Saved Documents file on the "my doxpop" tab.
    - Both the and will be indicated as activated.
  • Clicking the will only save the Document's Indexed data in your My Saved Documents file on the "my doxpop" tab.
    - Only the will be indicated as active.
    - No emails will be sent if a change occurs.

  • Note: These are not your Purchased Documents. Click here for more information on Purchased Documents.

    Last updated on 4/21/2020