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Main -> E-Filing -> Reset E-Filing Password

Reset E-Filing Password

If you have forgotten your password or have attempted more than 5 times to login, you will need to reset your password.

  • On the Electronic Filing System Login page, click the "I forgot my e-filing password" link:

  • Enter your email in the field provided and click the Submit button:

  • You'll then be directed to check your email.

  • Open the email and click the "click here" link:

  • In the fields provided, enter what you would like your password to be:

  • When finished, you should see a confirmation of the change:

  • Return to the Electronic Filing System Login page and enter your email address and your new password.

  • When you have successfully logged in you should be directed back to the Doxpop E-Filing page with the following highlighted messages:

  • Last updated on 2/15/2018