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Removing your Public Service Contact

What is a public service contact?

  • If someone is filing into a case and does not see the attorney they need to serve, they can search the Public Service Contact list to find the attorney and attach them accordingly.
  • The attorney's public service contact information is created and maintained by the State of Indiana.
  • How can I tell it's a public service contact?

  • The contact will have a bar number in parenthesis after the attorney's name: Jane Doe (1234-56)
  • When you attempt to detach the public service contact you might get a message "Contact is not in your firm." This means someone outside of your firm attached the Public Service Contact. See below for how to remove it from a case.
  • How do I REMOVE a public service contact?

  • Send a request to the State of Indiana by filling out the form at the following link:
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    Last updated on 12/13/2019