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Main -> Recorded Documents -> Purchase Document

Purchase a recorded document

Purchasing a Recorded Document

    After you have searched for your document, the Results page will have a "Preview" link available off to the right. The Document's Detail page will also have a "Preview" link. (If there is no "Preview" link then the document is not available yet.)

    Clicking the "Preview" link to any document will guide you to the Document's Preview screen.
- Scroll through the thumbnail versions of the document to view them using the window in the middle of the screen.

    Once you are certain that you have the correct document click the button.
- Users on paid subscrption accounts can skip to #6.
Note: You can select specific pages by checking or unchecking the boxes below each image.

    Users on the free 6 search subscription will be prompted to pay.
- To proceed, click the button.

    Fill in the required information and click the button.

    If your payment was successful you should see the message below and be sure to click the "Continue -->" link.

    The following page is to confirm your purchase. Be sure to click the button.

- Click the "View" link to download your document. Now you can print and save the document.

Last updated on 11/14/2019