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Main -> Court -> Indiana Code

Find Indiana Code for your case

When looking at the details of a case, you may see a string of hyperlinked numbers. These numbers link to Indiana Code, which will explain what law is involved in the case.

The four numbers refer to, in order: title, article, chapter, and section of the law. You are most likely to find them in the "Charge Records" box or in the minutes of the case.

If you click on the numbers, but nothing appears, this means either that the code has been entered incorrectly or that the law has been repealed or recodified, and is no longer in current criminal or administrative code. For example, all motor vehicle violations prior to 1991 refer to laws that have been repealed, as all motor vehicle laws were recodified at that time.

If there are no numbers in the case details, this means that the Clerk of Court did not enter them, and we cannot provide this information for you.

Last updated on 12/18/2018