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Main -> Court -> Find One Day's Cases

Retrieve all cases filed on a particular day

If your work requires you to keep track of new filings, the following steps will make the task simple.

  1. Click on the Court Cases tab.
  2. Click on the Advanced Court Search link (in the Search Court Records box.)
  3. Leave Name, Birth Date, Drivers License, Party Role, and Cause Number blank.
    • Case Type: Even in a small county, searching for all cases may result in a very large list. Choose the case type you desire from the drop-down list.
    • Case Status: Leave this set on Any Status to insure that you see every case filed, even if it has been quickly resolved.
    • File Date: Enter the day that you are interested in for both the From and To date, or select the day from the calendar, accessable by clicking on the calendar icon next to these search options.
    • Disposition Date: Leave this blank.
    • Region: Select the county of interest. Failing to select a single county will generally result in a list that is too long to be useful.
  4. Click the [Search] button. Note that advanced searches may take slightly longer to return results than simple searches.

In the resulting case list, pending (open) cases are listed first and disposed (closed) cases are at the end.

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Last updated on 6/29/2015