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Main -> E-Filing -> File on an Existing Case

E-File on an Existing Case

There are several sections to the e-filing page. Click the items in the table below to find out more about the subject:

    To electronically file a document onto an existing case, you must first find the case.

You can search our site in several ways:

While viewing the case details, click on the button at the top right of the Case Details page:

    Use the "Find By Case Number / Confidential Case Search" tool on the e-filing tab.

    This tool can find: Confidential, Appellate, or Tax type cases for e-filing.

    It does not use a search from your subscription.

    You will need to enter the exact case number with hyphens.

Protective Order (PO) Type Cases:

Protective Order (PO) type cases are NOT available for e-filing through Doxpop. You will need to use the State's Protection Order E-filing service.

    When filing into a case you should add yourself as a Service Contact.
    This allows opposing counsel to serve you electronically for any of their subsequent filings.

  1. To add a Contact: Click the drop down menu in the Service Contacts box, select the appropriate Service Contact and Associated Party then click the button:

    Note: Using the selection with the is using the Public Service Contact and only the email attached to the attorney will receive service notifications.

  2. Public Service Contacts do not allow administrative copies. If you would like to have a copy of service sent to an assistant, you will want to attach the Service Contact you created for your e-filing firm account. Click here to learn how to add a Service Contact to your firm's e-filing account.

    How can you tell if your Public Service Contact is attached to a case? The Public Service Contact will have a bar ID after the name of the attorney. For example: John Doe (12345-67)

    How do you remove your public service contact if someone outside of your firm attached it? You will need to submit a request to the State to have it removed. Click here to be directed to the online form provided by the State.

    The Public Service Contact information is provided by the Roll of Attorneys.

  3. When added there will be a button and a button.
    * If you mistakenly add a service contact (even a public service contact) you can detach the contact simply enough by clicking button provided.

    * The information provided is your Firm Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and the party the contact is linked to (if applicable)

    If opposing counsel is not listed in the Service Contacts section, you can search for and add their Public Service Contact to the case.

  1. To add a contact that is not within your firm, just click the drop down menu in the Service Contacts box, select "Find a Public Service Contact..."
  2. Try searching by Name, Firm Name, Email Address, or Bar ID.
  3. When you find their name just click to select it. You will be attaching their Public Service Contact.

  4. Next, select the party they should be linked to (if applicable), and click the button.

    When submitting a filing as (or on behalf of) an Attorney (or Pro Se), verify the correct name is presented from the drop down menu.
* You can also select "None" as an option.

    Your selection will automatically be presented the next time you file into any existing case.

    To add a new party, just click the button.
Attorneys that are only filing an apperance to an existing party on a case should continue to the next tab on the left: "6. Filing An Appearance:"

The following form will be presented:

Fields with a next to them are required.
  • First and Last Name
  • Or, Organization Name
  • Role of the new party to this case.
    • If an attorney is adding a new party they represent, the attorney can select their name from the drop down menu at the bottom of the form before saving.

    When saved, the "New Case Parties/Attorneys" section will present what you have entered.
    This example shows an interested party and a garnishee defendant.

      When filing an Attorney's Appearance on a case, be sure to add them to the associated party.

    1. Find and click the button next to the party to be represented:
    2. Select the Attorney's name from the drop down list that corresponds with the party and click the button.
    3. When saved, the "Added Attorneys" will then show the Attorney associated with the Party they represent:

      Begin by clicking on or dragging a file over the button.

    Once the file has been selected the following form will be presented:

      Fields with a next to them are required.

    1. Filing Type: If your Filing Type is not listed, use "Motion" or "Petition".
    2. Filing Description: The Filing Description should be the title of your document.
    3. Filing Party: If you mistakenly select the wrong Filing Party, just click the button.

    Document Security:The attorney or filer is responsible for correctly identifying whether a document is considered confidential or not confidential (i.e., public) under Rule on Access to Court Records. Incorrectly classifying the document security may result in the erroneous release of confidential information.

    Each document should be classified as:

    Confidential document under Rules on Access to Court Records, for confidential documents in either confidential or public cases, or

    Public document, for public documents in public cases.

    For more information, see the E-Filing User Guide.

    Begin by clicking on or dragging a file over the button.

    To view the document you have selected on the left, click the button. The document selected will have next to it.

    You will be required to select the attachment's document security.

    If you would like to have a copy of your e-filed document sent to someone who is not listed as a service contact to the case, you can add their email address when adding your document.

    After you have entered the email address, don't forget to click the button.

    By toggling the selection for "Also receive a Preliminary Copy", the recipient should expect a copy of this document immediately after submission and another copy after the document has been accepted by the clerk.

    If you need to have a document served by Sheriff (such as a Summons) just toggle the selection to add the fee to your filing.

    Only one document in your envelope needs to have this selection.

    Once your documents have been saved you can review your list and edit or delete if needed.

      Since anyone with an e-filing account can attach themselves to any case, you will want to look over this list and verify that each party listed should get service.

    If you review the list of service contacts and notice a contact you do not want to receive service of the document(s) you are about to file, just click the toggle next to their name from to show .

      The default is to have all service contacts served which is why it's important that you review this list before submitting.
      In most cases there are no fees attached to a subsequent filing.

      The exception is if a Sheriff Service fee is involved.

      Regardless if there is a fee or not, there must be a valid credit or debit card associated with your e-filing account.

      The last required section is the "Validation Checklist".

    By clicking the toggle next to each statement from to , you are acknowledging that you have read and have understood each statement.

    Next the button will become available for you to submit your filing to the clerk.

      Your documents will be served immediately to the attached service contacts you have approved.

      If you should cancel your filing, you may want to inform those that were served that you have cancelled your filing.

      For "Discovery" or "Service Only" documents, you'll want to go through the same process as though you were submitting a filing to a clerk. However, you'll want to click the button.

    1. Add your document(s). (See the "7. Adding Documents" tab on the left.)
    2. Review the list of contacts to E-Serve in case someone should be excluded.
    3. Though E-Service is at no cost, it is still required that you complete the "Fees" section.
    4. Complete the Validation Checklist
    5. Click the button.
      E-Service will not allow you to add additional parties, attach an attorney to an existing party to the case (like filing an appearance), or have selected optional services (Sheriff Services).
      If you receive the message, "Service contact is not in your firm.", it is most likely that your Public Service Contact has been attached by opposing counsel.

    Example of what a Public Service Contact would look like:
    John Doe (123-45) (Your Firm's Name)

    To remove your Public Service Contact from a case, you will need to send a request the State to have it removed. The State has control of the Public Service Contact list. They gather your information from the roll of attorneys.

    Follow this link to the state site to request the Pubic Service Contact removal:

    There is a rare chance that the opposing counsel created a service contact for you on their own e-filing firm account. (Even though you are not apart of their firm.)

    You will see the same message, "Service contact is not in your firm." but the Bar ID number will not be apart of the information displayed.

    The simplest remedy is to contact that firm and have them delete your service contact information from their firm's e-filing account.

    If it is not obvious who could have created their own service contact for you, just give us a call (866-369-7671) or send us an email ( We can help you by working with the e-filing manager and getting that corrected for you!

    Last updated on 3/24/2020