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Main -> E-Filing -> File a New Case

File a New Case

There are several sections to the e-filing page. Click the items in the table below to find out more about the subject:

    You will need to be logged into Doxpop AND the State's e-filing system to proceed.

After logging into Doxpop and clicking the e-filing tab, find and click the "File New Case" link.

If you are unable to begin your filing, click here for how to log into the State's e-filing system through Doxpop.

    Begin with selecting a Location, Category, and Type of case you intend to file.

  • Once your selections have been made and you see you can proceed to the next section.
    • All parties marked with an will need completed before additional parties can be added.

      Note: Be sure the correct Filing Attorney is shown. (You can also select "None" as an option if filing Pro Se.)

  • After you click the button the following box will pop up:
  • Just complete the required fields and click either the button or the button.
    • Note: Attorneys will want to add themselves to the party(ies) they represent.

  • After the required parties have been entered the button will become available.
    • Attach your service contact.

  • Select your service contact from the drop down list:
  • Click the button.
    • Begin by clicking on or dragging a file over the button.

  • Once the file has been selected the following form will be presented:
    • Fields with a next to them are required.

    1. Filing Type: If your Filing Type is not listed, use "Motion" or "Petition".
    2. Filing Description: The Filing Description should be the title of your document.
    3. Filing Party: If you mistakenly select the wrong Filing Party, just click the button.

    Document Security:The attorney or filer is responsible for correctly identifying whether a document is considered confidential or not confidential (i.e., public) under Rule on Access to Court Records. Incorrectly classifying the document security may result in the erroneous release of confidential information.

    Each document should be classified as:

    Confidential document under Rules on Access to Court Records, for confidential documents in either confidential or public cases, or

    Public document, for public documents in public cases.

    For more information, see the E-Filing User Guide.

    Begin by clicking on or dragging a file over the button.

    To view the document you have selected on the left, click the button. The document selected will have next to it.

    You will be required to select the attachment's document security.

    If you would like to have a copy of your e-filed document sent to someone who is not listed as a service contact to the case, you can add their email address when adding your document.

    After you have entered the email address, don't forget to click the button.

    By toggling the selection for "Also receive a Preliminary Copy", the recipient should expect a copy of this document immediately after submission and another copy after the document has been accepted by the clerk.

    If you need to have a document served by Sheriff (such as a Summons) just toggle the selection to add the fee to your filing.

    Only one document in your envelope needs to have this selection.

    Once your documents have been saved you can review your list and edit or delete if needed.

      After you have addressed all of the subjects above, you will want to review the Fees section

  • Be sure the proper payment account and the party responible for the fees are presented.
    • Your card will post a charge for the total amount of the fees after the clerk has accepted your filings.

      Your card will post a charge for the total amount of the fees after the clerk has accepted your filings.

      The last required section is the "Validation Checklist".

    By clicking the toggle next to each statement from to , you are acknowledging that you have read and have understood each statement.

    Finally, the button will become available for you to submit your filing to the clerk.

      Note: In this example the button shows Hamilton County but it will change to the county you are actually filing in.

    Last updated on 3/24/2020