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Main -> Court -> Failure To Appear

Find failures to appear in court

When a person is ordered to come to the court and does not, this is noted as a failure to appear. You might want to find out a person's past failures to appear if you were planning to assist that person in posting bail. This phrase may be found in the minute entries of the case. Here's how you can locate it:

  • First, conduct a search for the person in question.
  • For each case connected with the person in question, click on "Case Details" and then "Case ID"
  • Read through the minutes of the case. If the minutes say Failed to Appear (or FTA, an abbreviation), the defendant did not appear at a time required by the court.
  • To speed up this process, use your browser's "Find" capability (usually CTRL-F) to search the page for a key word such as "fail" and "FTA".
  • Remember to go back in your browser to check the person's other cases for failures to appear.
  • You may also wish to look for "Failure to Pay" (or FTP).
Last updated on 9/24/2007