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Main -> E-Filing -> E-Filing User Settings -> Efiling Notification Settings

Adjusting Your E-Filing Notification Settings

To review your Notification Settings:

  • After logging into Doxpop and logging into e-filing with your credentials; find and click the "E-Filing User Settings" link.

  • The system defaults to enabling all of the notifications sent from the E-Filing Manager. If you wish to disable a type of notification for your user, just uncheck the box associated with it and click the green [Save Changes] button:
  • We do not recommend disabling the first check box for "A filing is successfully submitted to the court". Indiana Trial Rule 86 (E) states you should retain a copy of your notice of submission as proof of filing.
  • When you have made your changes, just click the green [Save Changes] button. You should see a message near the top of the page stating, "Notification preferences successfully saved".
Last updated on 6/27/2017