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Set Up Your Personal Calendar


Using your State Bar ID, Doxpop can display your scheduled hearings and case information for each day in a calendar-style view.

  1. On the "my doxpop" page, select "My Bar IDs" from the blue menu on the left.
    - Click the following link to jump to the "My Bar IDs" page.
  2. Once there, click the button.
  3. Enter your State Bar ID, Name, State, and leave the box checked if you would like to receive an email notification for any changes. Then click the button.
    You can add multiple Bar IDs and Notification Recipients.

On the "my doxpop" page, select "My Calendar" from the blue menu on the left.
    Note: Confidential type cases will not be shown.
    For Example: JD, JC, AD, MH, PO

Providing you have saved a Bar ID in Doxpop:

    Find your scheduled hearings and any hearings scheduled for cases that are in your list of saved cases. View the details by clicking on the item to expand a dialog box, then click the case number. Use the "Day", "Week", or "Month" to adjust the view of your calendar. Canceled hearings will have a line through the time. The Calendar is color coded according to Bar ID (if there are more than one) and County.

The IDs panel is the key for color coding and at-a-glance viewing. Find the IDs panel (the box to the right of your calendar).

You can have multiple bar IDs and they will be automatically color coded allowing you to see multiple lawyers' schedules at a glance. Even if you do not have a bar ID, cases collected in My Cases will appear on your calendar.

You can remove the schedule of any ID by clicking the check box next to the ID over in the box to the right of the calendar.

Use the "Add an ID" link at the bottom of the IDs box to add another to your calendar.

Doxpop supports the iCalendar data format for automatically synchronizing your Doxpop "My Calendar" events!

It's very simple to get started just by clicking following link:

Doxpop iCalendar Support

As aways, if you need assistance, please feel free to contact our support staff at 866-369-7671 or via email at

Last updated on 2/26/2020