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Main -> Computer Help -> Browser Shortcuts

Get more out of the internet using browser shortcuts

Your internet browser is the program you use to look at the internet. Examples include Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. There are a number of Browser Shortcuts -- keystrokes and other things that can speed up your work on any website.

Here are some helpful browser shortcuts:

  1. The tab key will move your cursor from one field (box) to another when you are filling out forms.
  2. Use the Find function to find any word or phrase in a page. This is ctrl+F (press the control key and the F key at the same time). A dialog box or small search box will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  3. To copy text, simply highlight it and press ctrl+c. To paste elsewhere, put your cursor where you want the text and press ctrl+v.
  4. You can have more than one web page in your browser at a time, if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer 7. Press ctrl+T to make a new tab, then start browsing the internet. To go back to your original page, simply click on your previous tab. You can have multiple tabs open at one time.
  5. To open a link as a new page in a tab, press ctrl+click.
  6. To increase the size of the text on a web page, press control++. To decrease, press control+-.
  7. To scroll down, use the space bar. To scroll up, use shift+space bar.
  8. Are you a Mac user? The above tips will work for you. Use command instead of control.

Last updated on 9/24/2007