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Main -> E-Filing -> E-Filing Account Administration -> Batch Attach Serv Contact

Batch Attach A Service Contact To Cases

You will find this tool helpful if you currently rely on having an administrative or courtesy copy of service sent to an assistant's email. Or, if your county has just started e-filing.

If you are unsure how to set up a Service Contact, please click here to learn how.

The Public Service Contact will not allow you to attach an additional email address to receive courtesy copies. Any electronic service will be directed to the email address provided on the Roll of Attorneys.

  1. After logging into Doxpop and logging into e-filing with your credentials; find and click the "E-Filing Account Administration" link.
  2. Within the Service Contact box, just click the button.
  3. Using the fields in the top section "Attach a Service Contact to your cases" enter the following information:
    1. The Bar ID of the Attorney
    2. Select the Service Contact to associate with the Attorney from the drop down menu
    3. Select if you want attach the service contact to All cases (Open and Closed), Only Open cases, or Only Closed cases from the drop down menu
    4. Click the "Attach" button to begin the process.

    This tool omits: Confidential Type Cases, Appellate, Tax, and Supreme Court Cases. Currently these case are not available through Doxpop's public access.


    - If you have a large case load, the processing may take some time to complete.
    - Once the process is finished, an email will be sent to you listing all of the cases the Service Contact was attached to.

  1. Did you make a mistake when attaching the service contact? We can help fix that. In the second section the Service Contact Tools page we've provided a "Detach a Service Contact from all attached cases" tool. Just select the service contact from the drop down menu and click the "Detach" button:
  2. The last section of the Service Contact Tools page is the "Replace a Service Contact on all attached cases". You will find this tool handy if someone has left the firm or was transferred to a different department. Using the drop down menus, select the service contacts accordingly and click the "Replace" button:
Last updated on 10/29/2019