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Main -> E-Filing -> E-Filing User Settings -> AutomaticEfilingLogin

Automatic E-Filing Login Settings

To help you save some time, you can have Doxpop automatically log you into the E-Filing system whenever you log into Doxpop. This way, you are prompted to enter your Doxpop credentials only, then proceed to your e-filing work right away.

This works well for most circumstances, but sometimes it is not practical to have this feature turned on.

If you should need to adjust these settings:

After logging into Doxpop and logging into e-filing with your credentials; find and click the "E-Filing User Settings" link.

At the very bottom of that page, you can enable (or disable) the automatic login by checking (or unchecking) the box and clicking the green [Save Changes] button.

Once you have made your changes, you should see a message near the top of the page stating, "Auto-login preferences successfully updated".

Last updated on 6/27/2017