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Main -> Court -> Advanced Search

Use Doxpop's powerful Advanced Search

How to get there from the Doxpop home page:

Click on the "advanced search" link in the "Search Court Records" box.

The advanced search page has a number of fields, or boxes, in which to put information. You do not have to complete all or even most of them. This allows you to use the information that you DO have to your best advantage. For example, you might know the name of an involved party, the type of case, and the county in which the case is located. Those three pieces of information will probably find the case you want.

Here are all of the fields and ways to use them:

  • Name: Enter the name of any person involved in the case, including lawyers and judges. Put the last name first, followed by a comma and the first name if known.
  • Birth Date: If you know the person's birth date or a likely range in which it would fall, enter the date mm/dd/yyyy or use the calendar to the right of the box (click on the calendar. It has a "?" in the corner for any questions you may have about how it works). Many parties do not have birth dates entered, so you may also want to check the box next to "include parties with no birth date".
  • Drivers License: If you know the party's license number, enter it, but also consider selecting "include parties with no drivers license", since they are not always entered.
  • Party Role: What role does the person being searched for have in this case? If you have entered the name of someone who is an attorney, but also is involved in a separate case as a plaintiff, select "plaintiff" so you will not see all of the other cases in which the person is involved.
  • Case Number: If you know the case number for the case, enter it here.
  • Case Type: If you are certain of the case type, choose it from the drop-down box. If you don't know the specific type but do know whether it is criminal or civil, you can choose "All Civil" or "All Criminal".
  • Cases Status: Is the case you seek open (pending some action by the court) or closed? If you want both, choose "all".
  • File Date: Choose a date or date range during the time the case was filed, if you have this information.
  • Disposed Date: If the case has been disposed, choose a date or date range encompassing the time this would have occurred. Be aware that disposition dates are occasionally not entered by courts. If you select a date or date range, you will miss any cases that do not have dispostion dates entered.
  • Search Region: Choose the region in which the case is located. This can be one county, all Doxpop counties, or a custom region that you create (see more about Search Regions).

Last updated on 2/19/2019

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