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Main -> Your Account -> AddDoxpopCreditCard

Adding A Credit Card to Your Doxpop Account

Your Doxpop Credit Card Is Not Used To Pay For Your E-Filing Court Fees

Click Here To Learn How To Add A Credit Card To Your E-Filing Account

Move your curser to the lower left of the video below to play and access other controls:

How to add (or update) a payment account for your Doxpop service:

  1. Log into Doxpop
  2. Click the tab.
  3. Scroll down to the "My Billing Information" box.
    In the highlighted area you can:
    - "Add a Credit Card"
    - Edit an existing card
    - Delete an existing card
    - Enable or Disable Automatic Payments on your Doxpop Account
  4. Click the "Add a Credit Card" link.
  5. Fill in the required information and click the button.
  6. Optional:
    From the tab you can set automatic payments in the "My Billing Information" section by clicking the button next to the credit card and clicking the button.
Last updated on 12/3/2019