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Adding an Attorney

An Attorney must be added to the list of Attorneys on the firm's e-filing account to submit a filing.

* This does not apply to Pro Se Filers.

Only an E-Filing Account Administrator can add attorneys to the firm's e-filing account.

If you do not know who your Administrator is, please call 866-369-7671 or email for assistance.

Move your curser to the lower left of the video below to play and access other controls:

  1. Click on the "e-filing" tab.
  2. Scroll down a little to find and click the "E-Filing Account Administration" link.
  3. On the Account Administration page, click the green button [New Attorney]:
  4. All that needs to be provided in the pop-up box presented is the Attorney's first name, last name, and Bar ID.
  5. Once the [Save] button has been selected, you should be back on the Account Administration page with the Attorney now listed in the Attorneys box:
Last updated on 10/28/2019