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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We often hear a lot of questions involving the topics below:

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Common questions regarding warrants:

"Do I have any outstanding warrants?"

"Does [enter friend's name] have any arrest warrants?"

"Does your website show warrants?"

Please keep in mind: Not all warrants will be found in public case records! A warrant is generally considered public record. However, in some situations the Court may choose to make the warrant confidential (hidden) until it is served.

If you are concerned that there might be a warrant for you or a person you care about, please don't depend on searching public records to find out about it. A warrant is a serious situation and you should seek competent legal counsel to avoid making a bad situation worse.

If the information is public, you will find it on Doxpop.

To find a warrant on Doxpop:

  1. You will need to login or sign up for an account.
  2. Search on the person's name.
  3. If you find a case you're interested in, just click the case number on the left.
  4. You will need to scan the minute entries for the Court's entry granting or ordering a warrant. The newest entries are at the top of the minute list.

If you expect that charges will be filed against a person and wish to know when this occurs, we suggest setting a search watch on the person's name. Click on the following link to learn how to set a search watch on a name.

Key words: warrant, warrent, arrest warrant, active warrant

We do not have arrest records on our site. However...

  • Once the court has created a case based on the arrest, then you should be able to find this information on Doxpop.
  • Just because someone has been arrested, that does not mean a court case will be created.
  • You can set a search watch on a person's name to see if a case will be created. Click on the following link to learn how to set a search watch on a name.
    • County Jail Inmates: If you are wanting to find information on an inmate at a County jail, you will need to contact that County's jail (or the County's Sheriff's Department) for more information.

    • Prison Inmates: The State of Indiana does offer a site to search for an inmate. You can find that information at

    Though we have asked MANY times over MANY years, the State of Indiana has not given Doxpop permission to make court documents available to our customers.

    Currently, Doxpop only operates in Indiana and 2 counties in Michigan.

    We have recorded documents for Bay, and Iosco Counties in Michigan.

    On our blog, you can find a list of States with links directed to learn more about their court information and laws.

    We are unable to provide court documents at this time.
    You CAN find the case's chronological case summary (CCS).

    We do not have Marriage Licenses on our site.

    The State of Indiana does have a website to look up marriage license information:

    Removing an E-Filing Service Contact:

    Is the Bar ID after the attorney's name in parenthesis?

    This means someone has attached the attorney's E-Filing Public Service Contact to the case.

    If you need to remove an E-Filing Service Contact associated with your Firm's E-Filing account:
    • Go to the "e-filing" tab to search for your case.
    • Find and click the button on the case's e-filing page.
    Do you need to remove (or replace) an E-Filing Service Contact associated with your firm from a lot of cases?

    Click the following links to learn how to add your E-Filing Service contact:

    Adding your E-Filing Service Contact to an existing case. (Click "Attach Your Service Contact" section to expand.)
    Adding your E-Filing Service Contact to a new case.

    If you can not find the document you just purchased, you may not have completed the purchase process.

    1. First you will want to go back to the page of your document. (The page with the small thumbnail versions of your document's pages.)
    - Try to click the back button in your browser to go back to the page (small thumbnails) of your document.
    - Or, click the tab, select from the blue banner on the left, and click the button.
    2. On the page, click the button.
    - We will not ask you to pay again.
    3. Click the button.
    4. Click the link to download and print (or save) your document.
    Last updated on 10/28/2019