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Questions and Answers about Monroe County, Indiana

Q: What is the situation with Monroe County Court case information?

A: The Monroe County Courts have started using a new case management system (CMS). This new tool, provided by the Indiana Supreme Court Judicial Technology and Automation Committee (commonly known as JTAC), is called Odyssey. Odyssey, a product of Texas-based Tyler Technology, is capable of exporting information in a manner that Doxpop can use. We are hopeful that JTAC will soon permit that export of public information so that Monroe County information can again be updated on Doxpop.


Q: When do you expect case updates to resume from Monroe County?

A: We are hoping that the disruption will be short. We submitted our first request for an interface to the Odyssey in January, 2007, and we have continued our efforts since then. The most recent required step in this process was a request submitted in late October of this year to the Division of State Court Administration. Once that approval is granted, we anticipate it will take between a few weeks and a small number of months to complete the interface.


Q: What is the current status of that interface request?

A: We have been cooperating the Division of State Court Administration while they work through the process that we hope will lead to approval. We will continue to update this page as we learn more.


Q: How do I access up-to-date information about court cases in Monroe County?

A: Online access to the state-provided system may be available at - look for “Court Case Public Records Search” at the top-right of the page. If you need to speak with someone at the court, contact information is available at


Q: Does this affect data in or from other counties?

A: Absolutely not. All other data is unaffected. We continue to notify our customers of any disruptions to the flow of data to Doxpop, even minor and temporary ones, whenever they may occur.


Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: We have sent out a few letters to our customers as the situation with Monroe County has unfolded. They are archived at the links below. If you would like more background information, we think they provide a good starting point. And, as always, we welcome questions from our customers via email ( and telephone (866.369.7671).


For more details, please see our prior letters on the subject:

Letter of October 25th, 2007

Letter of December 3rd, 2007

Letter of December 17th, 2007

Letter of February 14th, 2008


Last updated on 2/14/2008