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Main -> Court -> Case Search Alert

Case Alerts

There is no extra cost to use the alerts tool.

We do limit the number of saved cases to the number of searches you are provided in your subscription.
Example: If you have the 6 search subscription, you can save 6 cases. If you have a 20 search subscription, you can save 20 cases.

You will be notified of any changes to the case by email.

To set an Alert on a case:

  1. Perform your search with a party name or case number.
  2. Find the case you want and click the located to the far right of the search results or the upper right of the Case Detail page.
  3. Both the and will be indicated as activated.
  4. If there is any activity on a case that has an alert set, we will send you an email to notify you.
    You can view your case by clicking the link provided in the email we sent you. (You will be promted to login if you are not already.)
    This action will not cost a search.
  5. You can find your list of saved cases in your My Saved Cases file on the "my doxpop" tab.
    On the My Saved Cases page, you can remove alerts as needed.
    Viewing the details of a case from this page will not cost a search.
Last updated on 5/1/2020